Easy Ways To Reduce Waste In Your Home

Ever since planned obsolescence was introduced by manufacturers in the postwar period as a way of ensuring steady sales, we

Eco-Friendly Windows and Frames

Windows are a key element in Eco design. Depending on where they are positioned, how large they are and how

Water-saving fixtures and fittings

A stage further on from making changes to lifestyle and patterns of consumption is to invest in water-saving fixtures and

Best Alternative Sources Of Energy

Concern for the environment, combined with rising fuel costs, means that more and more people are looking to alternative sources

How to make compost

Making compost is one of those eco-friendly activities that provides multiple benefits. The organic matter you produce improves the fertility

How Biomass Energy Works

How DOES IT WORK ? Biomass is defined as energy produced from organicmatter. In practice it tends to be wood

Passive Strategies for best heating

If you live in a temperate part of the world, keeping you home warm will account for well over half